WillowSwitch Designs came into being as an expression of my passion for working with my hands and creating.

It has evolved slowly over time as I have learned and mastered new techniques and have sought out ways to grow and challenge myself in this medium.

Being a Colorado native, and spending so much time in the mountains and outdoors throughout my life, I have found a deep appreciation for the beauty and magic that I've been lucky enough to be surrounded by on a daily basis.  I find the simple, clean lines and deep colors found in nature to be a deep source of inspiration, and believe that it's those things which give my work a familiar feel that most people find easy to connect with.

I've been creating using woodburning as a medium for over 20 years now, and I still love every single minute of it.  Each piece of wood has it's own life and personality which helps make each creation unique.  My main goal is to provide someone with an item that is beautiful, made to last, and can make them smile each time they see it.