a custom order

 makes any design completely yours.  Add a name or an important date, a song lyric or poem that holds special meaning.  A quote meant to provide inspiration or a private joke to make you smile.  

You can personalize an already existing design or turn your original idea into a work of art.  

It's all up to you.

For All Inquiries, And Any Answers Not Found Below, Please Just Email Me At Jen@Willowswitchdesigns.Com Or Fill Out The Form below, And I Will Get Back To You As Soon As Possible. 

Here Are The Answers To Some Commonly Asked Questions About Custom Orders.


1.  Can I add an inscription or something personal to an item listed in your store?

All of the items listed in my store are ready to ship and already have a finish applied to them which means that I can't add any additional burning to them.  But, I would be happy to recreate the design, as close as I possibly can, and work with you to personalize the item to make it uniquely yours.


2. How are custom orders priced?

Pricing on custom orders is done individually and is completely dependent on the actual work that goes into each piece.  This includes design time, the size and type of item requested, the actual time spent burning and finishing your item.


3.  How accurate are the estimates you provide?

I will always provide an accurate estimate to you before work begins.  This estimate may change, either higher or lower, as we go through the design process and things are added or subtracted from the original ideas.  I will always keep you updated as this changes so there will never be any surprises.

All of the design work will be sent to you for your approval before I begin any of the actual burning, so you know exactly what to expect from your piece.  


4.  How long does a custom order take?

Custom orders typically take 2 weeks to ship once the design work is completed.  After our initial conversation, I will usually have some initial design work for you to look at within 3 -5 days.  After that time, we will begin the process of tweaking things until they are just right.


5. Is there any way to "rush" an order?

For most orders, and depending on the time of year, I can offer rush shipping options, as well as offer increased priority on orders.  This option is offered at an increased price. 


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